We are proud to report that Kerubiel Kft. is entitled to use the OPTEN Stable Crisis Proofness Certificate!

The negative economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic have now caught up with all sectors. Initially, only the tourism and hospitality industry suffered from the consequences, but today all sectors have been shaken by the unpredictable future and the significant financial and labor market changes. In 2021, nearly 10% fewer companies in the corporate sector, which was considered the most stable, will be eligible for a crisis proofness certificate compared to the previous year.

Kerubiel Kft. has not only survived this crisis period, but opened a new door to the American markets. With its old and new partnerships, reliable operating system and continuous improvements, we can look forward to the challenges ahead.

The successful work of Kerubiel Kft. was also appreciated by the 25-year-old OPTEN Kft., Hungary’s market-leading company information service provider, whose system is widely used by Hungarian financial institutions, large companies and SMEs.

In connection with the award of the OPTEN Stable Crisis Proofness Certificate, we thank our partners for their cooperation so far! We hope that this guarantee of reliability will give our customers even greater satisfaction!