GDPR preparation

Kerubiel can help your company prepare well for the European Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on 25 May 2018.

Compliance with the GDPR necessitates a strategic approach and a permanent focus on all activities related to data processings. Unfortunately, these characteristics might result in certain, hazardous attitudes on the side of controllers and processors as well.

Kerubiel tries to persuade its clients to leave behind these attitudes and to realize that GDPR readiness may be a competitive advantage. After that, at the beginning of the work we audit all relevant activities of the controller, mapping data processing, its circumstances, and the possible risks as well. However, Kerubiel does not only provide information on how and what not to do.  With the necessary information, we may seek the best solution to the controller concerning the protection of personal data, data and information security. We provide our advice on the level of each data processing operation as well as the activities of the controller as a whole.


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