GDPR preparation

It has always been important for the European Union to protect personal data, but before 2018, all countries applied their own privacy policies. The GDPR, on the other hand, is a mandatory piece of legislation for all member states, setting out legal, organizational, process, and technology requirements.

GDPR audit

Audit plays a key role in helping our staff understand the company’s in-house data storage and data management practices, business and IT processes, and assess where the company stands in the way of compliance with GDPR.

Rules, contracts, declarations

When checking documents, our staff verify that policies, contracts, declarations, forms, etc. whether they meet legal requirements and, if necessary, make proposals to amend them or prepare missing documents.

GDPR Compliance

Kerubiel prepares an audit report, together with a risk analysis report and a list of the missing legal documents and regulations. An action plan and an information security training for company employees can also be provided.

DPO service

Our company can provide continuous, professional DPO service on demand.


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