Data protection audit

A data protection audit is a legal review in which our staff assesses the compliance of a company’s data controller, data processing and data protection processes with applicable legal requirements.

The audit may also include a data security audit to ensure compliance with the applicable IT systems and security rules related to the physical storage of data.

The purpose of the data protection audit is to evaluate the data management and data processing processes of the company and to support the full compliance with the legal requirements.

In addition to reviewing, our specialists will provide practical advice and suggestions on the drafting of various documents (contracts, forms, forms, etc.), information material and regulations.

Our staff is available from the outset, so they can help you develop the right framework for any development or start-up of a new industry. We will not leave companies behind after the audit. We provide our clients with up-to-date legal and technological solutions at our professional consultancy.

The privacy audit process

  • Gathering information through personal interviews and field visits
  • Investigation of data management
  • Review documentation
  • Correction / preparation of data management information
  • Correction / preparation of privacy policy
  • Perform data protection impact assessments and interest-balancing tests, if necessary
  • Investigation of data transfers
  • Preparation of expert opinion, formulation of recommendations

The following areas will be reviewed during a privacy audit:

  • General data management processes
  • HR management
  • Employees
  • Web shop
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Database


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