Hungarian Cyber Security Aid (HCSA)

The emerging pandemic is putting us all in serious trouble every day.

This is especially true for the state and health apparatus working on the front lines. At the same time, we are increasingly seeing a number of fraudsters and criminal groups trying to take advantage of the situation in cyberspace as well.

Just a few examples of recent cases: WHO hacks where “only” user IDs were attempted (first round) by fraudsters, but there were also much more serious cases where the attack already had a life-threatening outcome.

The University Hospital in Brno was hit by a hacker on the morning of March 13, so the surgeries had to be postponed and the patients transported to other hospitals. . While the fight against the coronavirus grabs the attention of healthcare workers, it is they who can most easily fall into the trap of hackers who, by identifying themselves as an authentic or government source, offer important new information.

Due to the above, our company has launched the Hungarian Cyber ​​Security Aid (HCSA) initiative, which primarily wants to support and provide the Healthcare Sector with adequate information on forecasting and preventing attacks.

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Our experts have serious international ethical hacking and security analysis experience. We have volunteers in England, among others, who are all ready to help. Our volunteers are committed to providing unconditional assistance.

What we can help you with:


1. External vulnerability testing

2. Remote work review and consulting

3. Security Forecasting and Consulting (Threat Intelligence)

4. Data leakage monitoring