Audit of outsourced activities

Digital development has enabled companies to outsource a number of smaller or larger tasks to subcontractors. For short-term projects, for example, it is not worth to employ an in-house specialist, or outsourcing is more cost-effective for certain tasks than permanent employment. However, outsourcing also has some hidden costs and problems.

The accuracy and efficiency of the work done is difficult to gauge without a personal presence. The efficiency of the work cannot be accurately measured by figures, statements or reports.

For outsourced audits, we recommend those companies where outsourcing has proven to be unprofitable or where efficiency concerns have been identified.

As part of the audit, our staff assesses the preparedness, workflow, decision-making and execution procedures of the subcontractors, the manner in which their interests are represented, and other relevant areas.

Executives prepare a detailed professional report on the study, which can also be used as a decision preparation material when evaluating outsourcing.


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