Creating ITIL-based operation

Integrating an ITIL-based service provider approach with a corporate strategy provides customers with security and peace of mind in understanding and tracking service processes.
Accurate definitions, interrelated service, security, control, and development systems help management and customers understand and build realistic expectations, and facilitate process transparency and control.
ITIL is a methodology developed for the management of IT processes, developed by the UK Government Procurement Office (OCG) based on best practices.
With the introduction of ITIL it is possible to create:
  • economical IT system
  • objectively valued IT services
  • quick response to changing service needs
  • adequate service level agreement (SLA)
  • secure and reliable IT system

By implementing this method, the service process as a whole can be optimized:

  • Service strategy – Define the process of planning, implementing, operating, and developing a new service that takes into account available market opportunities. In addition to the service portfolio, financial management is an integral part of the strategy.
  • Service planning – detailed strategy development, including capacity planning, scheduling, operational and IT security, and supporting processes.
  • Service change – the environment may need to be modified to deliver the planned service. Change and version management, configuration management and documentation management are essential elements of this phase.
  • Service operation – the processes required for the smooth, error-free and continuous operation of the service guarantee the quality of the service. Defining availability (SLA), developing incident management and disaster recovery processes are basic tasks in this section.
  • Service improvement – measuring, managing and reporting on service levels helps to continuously improve service quality and serve our customers’ needs at the highest possible level.


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