IT rules preparation

Improve your compliance environment and conserve internal resources by utilizing our KERUBIEL team. The KERUBIEL team is composed of experienced, industry focused professionals. We work with you and your stakeholders to assist in the audit process to alleviate the constraints on your time. Our team has a depth of experience working with regulators and can guide you through the process to provide efficiency, value and peace of mind.

Our IT GRC services include:

  • Internal Audit
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • IT Risk Assessment and Plan
  • Disaster Recovery and Plan

Our customized, tailored approach

Our engagements begin with the end in mind. This tailored focus allows us to plan in the most efficient and effective manner possible to address risks, reducing the burden on your employees and safeguarding the timely delivery of our findings and recommendations. Our unique approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the risks and potential barriers that can adversely affect an engagement.

Internal Audit

Same concept as the policies and procedures. The pen test engagement is the detailed technical review of the machines and their configuration. All of the weaknesses we identify were originally caused by a human. The firewall didn’t leave bad ports open, the IP camera didn’t leave (or set) the default password in place, the app didn’t write it’s own insecure code, etc. The internal audit services verify the policy and procedure compliance to help prevent these issues from happening again. Pentest services are the technical configuration assessments. Assurance services assess the accountability/oversight of the humans driving the systems.

Our IT internal audit services:

  • Provide a third party, independent and objective look at your IT program
  • Improve alignment of IT with business strategy and profitability
  • Enhance board and executive understanding of IT risks
  • Alleviate internal burden and save you time

Our IT audit services typically include:

  • Facilitating an Information Technology Risk Assessment
  • Designing IT general controls audit plan, based on client’s environment
  • Reviewing of IT policies and procedures
  • Executing tests in accordance with IT general controls audit program
  • Reporting to management on findings, best practices and identified growth opportunities


Our internal audit services also include IS27x/COSO/COBIT/SOX/NIST consulting. KERUBIEL provides in-depth compliance advice on regulations relating to ISO27x,SOX, COSO, COBIT and NIST. KERUBIEL uses the regulations or your minimum requirements as baseline protection and offers increased security measures to not just comply but to maintain optimal protection levels.

Policy and Procedure Reviews

To help you better manage risk while leveraging the inherent strengths of your system, KERUBIEL provides guidance to improve your organization’s IT policies and procedures. Our proven approach helps clients adhere to regulations and improve your organization’s overall IT governance.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Development

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Will your business be able to sustain operations in the face of a security breach or negative event? KERUBIEL helps you develop responsive disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected and that your organization can manage recovery without interrupting business operations.

IT Risk Assessment & Plan

KERUBIEL can work alongside your team to evaluate the IT risks and vulnerabilities present in your organization’s activities, as well as help determine the optimal approach to mitigate risks and drive value from your IT environment’s strengths.

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