Prepatation of business continuity and disaster preparedness plans (BCP/ DRP)

Pipe breaks, unexpected power cuts or system outages, and computer viruses or hacking attacks can all occur, significantly affecting or endangering business continuity.

It is worth preparing for unexpected situations so that when they occur to minimize financial and market losses, and maintain key processes, restore services as soon as possible, so we can protect the reputation of the company and maintain the trust of our customers.

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a company-specific, customized procedure that focuses primarily on business processes. The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) focuses on restoring IT equipment to optimal operation as soon as possible and on technical steps.

BCP / DRP ensures that the resources needed are at hand, everyone is aware of their role and responsibility, and the company is able to respond quickly, consciously and cost-effectively to a crisis situation.

The first step in developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans is to assess the business processes of that company. This is followed by an analysis of potential risks and their business impact (BIA). BCP / DRP provides detailed ways to minimize and manage risks. In addition to drafting documents, Kerubiel provides our clients with software support, consulting, quality assurance and education.


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