Certified expert witness

There are legal disputes in which the finding of fact or the resolution of a professional issue can only be made by using forensic expert opinion. He is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Legal Experts.

The main task of an expert witness is to provide professional advice on issues related to its field of competence, either by appointment or by order of a court or other authority. Our highly qualified staff in the field of data protection and IT security will provide you with up-to-date legal, scientific and technical expertise to assist with court decisions.

Before the Second World War, this expert institution already existed, only to be called a forensic expert. Today’s forensic expert system is based on 29/1964. Government Decree No. 4/1976 and subsequently amended Decree No. 4/1976. MT. Currently in the XXIX. law is in force, which deals with forensic experts.


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